20 years home textiles brand violet, interpretation of human nature, health and fashion
Since 1995, the violet family textile and the ten Chinese family textile brands have gone through the 20 spring and Autumn period; the wind and rain, the glory and the common, follow the fashion trend, and pay attention to the health of the people's livelihood.
20 years of home textile brand violet, understand fashion, better understand health!

文章摘要:SPREAD ,  该负责人解释,“任何技术都没有绝对的对错之分,就像有些人希望利用区块链技术解决公开、透明、信任的问题,而有些人则利用区块链技术搞各种乱七八糟的虚拟货币从中牟利。扣缴义务人扣缴税款时,纳税人应当向扣缴义务人提供纳税人识别号。”从小到大,笑楠向来喜欢自己的事情自己做主,这也养成了笑楠比较独立、务实的性格。,  在普兰县幼儿园,我们见到了阿里的孩子们,第一面感到孩子们很小、很瘦,黑黝黝的皮肤,但是眼睛很大、很圆、很漂亮,近距离观察会发现睫毛很密、很长,纯真、开朗又美好。”孟女士认为,自己并没有隔很久才来退货,而是购买的第二天就联系了店方,而且小金佛的包装完好,连挂牌都没有去掉,店方可以再销售不应该拒绝退货。品质是东风血脉中最重要的基因,是东风的立身之本,东风始终如一追求产品品质、企业品质和人的品质的有机统一。。

Under the dome, looking for a piece of ground, warm and green

You can hear the whisper of the wind over the ear

Can smell the flow of silk thread in the air

Here, there is a pure light oxygen spirit in the world

Migrating from cities, gathering in forests, streams and flowers.

Sunlight, water, air, plants depend on

Energy autogenous growth of photosynthesis

The life period also changes with the four seasons.

Here, a bed, a set of beds, a dream

If it is isolated from the world, it is leisurely and leisurely

violet home textiles, from the beginning of life, into healthy

decides to do the best of its own

throw away the conventional hotbeds,

runs and breathes in the forest, even if no one cheers,

is still in the face of reality, out of season,

this is the understanding of existence and the true meaning of life.

beds are natural, enjoying freshmen and dreams

violet home textile,

extracts elements from ecological nature,

follows the oldest dream, using the most ecological environment,

makes the healthiest home textile.

shows the most vivid image of home textiles through the lens and expression of photographers.

discovered our hidden needs, expressing our internalized experience.

aesthetics is only followed by returning to the natural truth and simplifying the future.

violet home textiles is never just combed with fashion now,

is using ecological sleep to explore dreams.

believes that everything in the world is due to the touch and connection of life,

takes some temperature because of some common breath,

hits the heart in some moments and resonates.

interprets human nature, pays attention to health, and follows fashion.

violet home textile, 20 years, have love and health.