Jiangsu 北京赛车pk10手机直播 Home Textiles Approved Provincial Industrial Tourist Attractions

文章摘要:Jiangsu 北京赛车pk10手机直播 Home Textiles Approved Provincial Industrial Tourist Attractions ,  今年53岁的努尔·白克力在新疆工作超30年。现在面临激烈的市场竞争环境,汽车行业已经进入时代。20世纪50年代国际航天界提出了中继星Halo轨道的概念,如今,中国航天人将设想变为现实。,  在中国决胜全面建成小康社会的关键时期,生态文明建设与精准扶贫成为基本国策。数据显示,6月份,创新驱动的产业如装备制造业和高新技术产业发展势头良好,高耗能行业增速回落,制造业产业结构整体得到改善,新旧动能转换顺畅,新动能对经济的贡献作用增强。尽管没有明确的统计,但是靠“最低工资”吃饭的人并不少,一个明显的例子就是劳务派遣工,再如收入由“底薪+提成”组成的销售人员等。。

2017-01-06 14:57:00

Recently, the Provincial Tourism Administration organized an inspection team composed of senior industry experts to conduct assessment and evaluation of the units declared and created in Jiangsu Province, and finally identified 12 units as provincial industrial tourist areas. 北京赛车pk10手机直播 Hometextile Technology Co., Ltd. is listed on the list and has been identified as "Industrial Tourism Attractions in Jiangsu Province."

北京赛车pk10手机直播 Home Textiles was established in May 1995. The registered capital of the company is 10257.77 million yuan and covers an area of 130 mu. It is one of the earliest domestic textile enterprises to take the road of brand development. It enjoys high popularity and reputation in the domestic and foreign home textile industry. At present, there are more than 500 retail terminals for home textile products with annual sales of more than 350 million yuan and are exported to more than 20 countries and regions including Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

北京赛车pk10手机直播 is one of the earliest home textile enterprises in China to take the road of brand development. It is the first enterprise in the home textile industry to obtain a “Chinese Well-known Trademark” and has repeatedly been recognized as a “Jiangsu famous brand”, “Jiangsu Famous Brand”, and “Jiangsu and Jiangsu”. The province's apparel (home textile) top 30 self-owned brand companies, and the "Jiangsu province's key internationally-cultivated and developed brands" enjoy high reputation and reputation in the domestic and international home textile industry, and have obtained the "China Textile Industry Federation" product. Development Contribution Award (the highest award for product development in the Chinese textile industry) and the China Textile Industry Federation Scientific and Technological Progress Award 3 times.


In recent years, 北京赛车pk10手机直播 Home Textile insists on market-oriented, continuous innovation and transformation, explores the road of integration of industry and tourism development, and relies on two modern industrial parks integrating R&D, design, office, production, warehousing, sales, and staff accommodation. Starting from the needs of tourists, a meticulous tourism reception team is set up, and carefully planned tourist routes integrating culture, appreciation, experience, and customization to show visitors violet home textile culture, healthy living culture, and home furnishing. The culture of decoration allows people from all walks of life who come to visit shopping to learn about Nantong's unique home textile culture, folk culture, and wedding customs, creating a new kind of humanistic visual enjoyment and new shopping experience. In 2015, it received more than 15,000 domestic and foreign tourists and achieved considerable economic and social benefits.


Xiao Bian takes you to look at the charming violet textiles!

一、. Characteristic exhibition hall, carrying the historical culture of Chinese textile


Nantong is one of the birthplaces of China's modern textile industry. Nantong Textile carries the history and culture of Chinese textiles, especially the home textile industry. It has become China's largest manufacturing base and brand concentration area. Home textile product design and technology not only embodies traditional cultural elements such as wedding products, but also embodies China's marriage and customs culture. Home textile products have brought together fashionable elements, showing the beauty of design and having a strong appreciation. In recent years, 北京赛车pk10手机直播 Home Textiles has developed a series of biotech home textile products through technological innovation. It is unique in the development of the health functions of Home Textiles. It has become a leading company in domestic health science and technology home textiles, Vibrant bio-products display, and was included in the ecological home textile technology in Tongzhou District. The building plan of the museum has a good science value.



北京赛车pk10手机直播 Park is divided into two special exhibition halls - the art exhibition hall and the living exhibition hall. Exquisite home textile products and a well-trained marketing team show visitors the 北京赛车pk10手机直播's healthy home textile culture, soft decoration culture, marriage and customs culture, healthy sleep and health culture, and provide unique folk cultural experience in Nantong, Jiangsu Province. People from all walks of life in the shopping community are able to understand our corporate culture and regional culture while learning about 北京赛车pk10手机直播 Home Textiles products, creating a new visual experience for the humanities and an enjoyable shopping experience.


一.Garden park, stylish design, good place for recreation

北京赛车pk10手机直播 Hometextile Industrial Park covers an area of 130 acres, perfectly displaying the brand image of modern industrial companies, exquisite product display, magnificent beauty, perfect integration of architecture and scenery, products and decoration, making people linger. The park is surrounded by trees, the lake is crystal clear and the road is dust-free. The air quality is in full compliance with GB3095, and the noise indicators are in full compliance with the provisions of GB12348, giving people a fresh and natural experience full of vitality.

 二.Convenient transportation, good accessibility

The park is located in Nantong, the largest home textile base in China. It is located on Provincial Highway 336, a 3-minute drive from Shennan Haitong (South) exit, 24 minutes from Nantong Xingdong International Airport, 26 minutes from Nantong East Bus Station, and Nantong Auto Transport. The main station is 33 minutes and Nantong Railway Station is 34 minutes. The traffic is very convenient and the highway is in good condition. External traffic and internal traffic are in order; there is a city bus or tour bus arrival. The company is equipped with a parking lot coordinated with the excursion products. With well-managed and rational layout, the capacity can fully meet the requirements of visitors. The site is well-grounded, beautifully greened or the waters are unobstructed and clean. Logo specification, eye-catching, beautiful.


三.The tourist service center is high-end and comfortable and is at home.

People often say: "Life is like coffee, you need to slowly taste" 北京赛车pk10手机直播 Home Textiles Visitor Service Center set high-grade coffee shop. The elegant atmosphere, the extremely decorated style, the exquisite snacks, the delicious coffee... let the tourists experience the violet culture in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

四.Featured shopping area, high-quality explanation, feeling the living sleep culture

北京赛车pk10手机直播 Home Textiles has a modest shopping environment, neat environment and unique spatial layout. The order of shopping venues is good and there is no need to chase, sell or sell. Commodity sales personnel are skilled in business and enthusiastic in service, and have unified management measures and means. Extensive variety of tourism products, including home textiles, gift boxes, pillows, quilts, summer products, mattresses, blankets, cushions, kitchens, singles, children's top ten products And cloth home, smart home, functional mattresses, smart mattresses, health mattresses, massage health mattresses, physiotherapy health series and other products. Using technology and fashion works to show visitors a true, good, and beautiful high-quality life posture, creating a healthy and productive sleep system level environment. With a strong sense of art and culture, it gives visitors a warm feeling at home.


In the coming period, 北京赛车pk10手机直播 Home Textiles will further deepen the integration of chemical industry brigades, constantly improve tourism hardware facilities and software packages, produce tourism videos, optimize product exhibition areas, add exhibition areas for craftsmanship, experience design of tourists, and rest areas for tourists. Functional leisure areas, improve service quality and service levels, so that the majority of tourists truly experience the health benefits brought by home textile high-tech.